It’s hard to extend this to deal with group differences in a single area (for example between-race differences in the USA) but some people have certainly made valiant attempts. Nevertheless, it’s probably fair enough to just think of the biologicalists as “more or less racists”. So several of our claims of present superiority – wealth, health, peace, et cetera – have been found to be artifacts of higher technology levels. Several other claims – safety and education – have been found to be just plain wrong. That just leaves a few political advantages – namely, that we are freer, less racist, less sexist, less jingoistic and more humane. And the introduction has already started poking holes in the whole “freedom” thing.

Something as basic as a need cannot be a sin outside marriage and okay within. If it is, then the Christian God is unfair to people without partners. Some of these people have prayed for years for a partner and have not received. That makes the ask-and-you-shall-receive conditional too. I thought there might be something in your past exacerbating this. Thanks for taking the time to come back and give an update.

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We are not growing apart, it’s dew to our pregnancy taking its toll. Please, I’m not in-considerate, I know she can’t control what’s happening. But I’m still the same man, with the same high sex drive. I know after some time, her sex drive will come back to normal, but in the mean time, weeks on weeks are still to come before “normality” will return. The real issue is that I doubt any christian wants to be addicted to porn or masturbation. They pray their heart out to God to fix it.

  • Add checkboxes to create running to-do lists, and rearrange your pinned notes with a simple drag and drop.
  • Maybe I am also naive as someone who doesn’t view porn, and who doesn’t masturbate as much as other guys.
  • I’m sure your blog can help people understand God more or encourage them to move forward.
  • Click it and you’ll see head shots from your photos.
  • It’s between 10 months since I’ve entertained sexual thoughts about any woman except my wife and 6 months since I last masturbated when I made that part of my covenant.

Keeping running backups outside of keep allows you to freely delete notes that you are unlikely to access since the backups can always be used to reference and retrieve old content. Google docs is also much easier to search than keep which offers no easy option to search within large notes. Backing up by marking all notes and “Copy to Google Drive” is just as easy and it also allows keeping running backups. This covers file corruption by being able to go back to prior backups to get to previous versions where content may have been edited out or from uncorrupted notes. Finally, you can “send” an individual keep note to google drive from within the Keep app. Beware of the fact that the Google Keep App has NO OBVIOUS “Undo” option when editing notes, so, this is a very important reason to regularly backup all of your Keep notes.

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I use my school Google Keep account to store various resources, articles, links, and images I want to reference later. This is a much better option than randomly emailing random links to myself or keeping dozens of tabs open on my phone. I also visit this link used the EmojiOne Chrome extension to add emojis to my labels, because, well, emojis.


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